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Originally Viking Battery opened its doors in Alexandria, MN in 1989 and selling primarily automotive and industrial batteries and was located on Nokomis Street near Hubbard Milling.

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Griffco, Inc, founded and incorporated in 1978 by F.R. "Griff" Griffin. Griff had worked for Industrial Supply for 14 years prior to this venture. Griff's first warehouse was at an Airport Hanger at the Crystal Airport. When customers or vendors needed to contact Griff, they would call his pager, he would then locate a pay phone and call them back. In 1980, the store moved to Rayco Oil and Grease on 94th Street in Minneapolis, MN near the John Deere warehouse. From there the company expanded and hired a desk man and outside sales representative.

Griff wanted to be located in Downtown Minneapolis and eventually rented space from Frank Griswold, at 1011 Currie Avenue in Minneapolis. He hired to run the store while Griff continued to be on the road selling product. In 1988, Bob Engler and Keith Strutz, also former employees of Industrial Supply, started working at Griffco, Inc and eventually purchased the business in September 1990; at which time Griff's wife, Marilyn became ill and the two of them spent a year traveling around the country.

In 1992, Griffco acquired the Viking Battery and Industrial Supply store in Alexandria. In 1996, the store moved to its current location at 602 22nd Ave W, Alexandria; and also changed the name to Griffco-Viking.

In August 2009, Griffco-Viking in Alexandria was sold to Steve Haugen, who was the store's General Manager and employee for over 14 years. Steve was raised on a Dairy Farm in West Central Minnesota, spent time in the National Guard, went to school for Diesel Mechanics and then worked at Hubbard Milling for 7 years. The business was then renamed "Farm & Industrial Supply" but remains in the same building. There are currently 4 Full-Time employees and hundreds of loyal customers.